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Horns. Handlebars. You've made the joke or you know someone that has, using horns as handlebars. Now, with the HORNdlebars, its TOTALLY accurate.

Simple low-effort asset
accessories soon?
if I make them rigged I'll update package and price :p

All HORNdlebars variants have the same/similar UV map and as such can use the same texture. (definitely not cos i was being lazy and just didnt want to draw multiple textures... >,>')
All HORNdlebars variants also only have 1 material slot... yay optimization!
All HORNdlebars variants were double checked to ensure that its mostly quest ready (hey, flat surfaces = backface culling so its pretty inevitable for what i was going for)

HORNdle bars reccomendation: sculpt the tassles downwards for any variant that has weird magical floaty tassles :)

Horns1: 1,416 Tris
Horns2: 1,376 Tris
Horns3: 1,976 Tris
Horns4: 1,896 Tris
Horns5: 1,416 Tris

The avatar modelling the HORNdlebars so STUNNINGLY is my private model and is not available. Cos i dont wanna >:c

Yes these are a meme asset.
Yes my normal ToS still apply.
Refer to my server for full ToS, but the basic is no leaking no claiming/taking credit not reselling on their own. And most importantly yes you can use them on public avatars please do please show me I want to see every single thing that uses these.

Please join my server @ or message me @ .youth. if you have any questions, comments, concerns, want to show me what you've made, or if you can't afford the set/any variants so we can work out a compromise <3


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Last updated Oct 1, 2023

h or n d l eb ar s



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