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Bunbun Legs

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This is the bunbun Legs!

Other variations of the set are available of this set :3

Bunbun set:
Bunbun Hoodie:
Bunbun set LITE:

Please read my ToS before buying, they are available in my server for viewing before purchase (and after) (it's in my shop channel)

If you really *really* want this set but can't afford any variation of it, please message me on discord Youth#7430, we can talk it out :3

If you have *any* questions, please message me on discord ^^

made entirely from scratch by me
textures and UV maps were done by me
rigged by Nyakoh#6969 (I love u shawty no homo)

This set includes:

-Bunbun Hoodie FBX
-1 UV map for ease of editing (exported/screenshotted)
-3 Textures

        -1 Texture for the legs
        -Special Bunbun Eye texture + emission mask

and yes, there are toe beans :3

-My ToS

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Bunbun Legs

3 ratings
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